Luca Piersanti  NOW AT INFN LNF (post-doc) mail

Graduated in 2010 in  Electronic Engineering at Rome University "Sapienza". I won a MIUR scholarship for a Ph.D. in Electromagnetism at the same University to work with ARPG. His research interests span from particle detector R&D, Monte Carlo simulations to data acquisition systems.
He took part in several experiments and data taking at GSI, CNAO and BTF where he got the chance to know the real "soul" of the group...
He was visiting student at GSI laboratories Biophysics department from August 2012 until February 2013. There he joined the radiation physics group, and  had the opportunity to work on the characterization of novel materials shielding properties for radiation protection in space.
His thesis, defended in 2014,  focused on the development of a new detector able to measure the secondary radiation emitted during a hadrontherapy treatment.




Paola Maria Frallicciardi  NOW WORKING AS MEDICAL PHYSICIST mail

 Graduated in Medical Physics in Naples with a thesis on a prototype of Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT) for small animals imaging. Then she started a PhD in the same field, spending one of the three years at Institute of Experimental and Applied Physics of Czech Technical University of Prague. She worked on a prototype of a Computed Tomography (CT) for small animals imaging, exploiting phase contrast imaging and comparing different imaging detectors. After the PhD she worked for 3 years in Livorno’s Hospital, with a grant from Tuscany Region to set-up and run a Calibration Centre for Ionizing Radiations. Her work has been accredited from the Italian Primary Metrological Institute, ACCREDIA/ENEA. In the mean time, she studied to achieve the title of Medical Physicist in Pisa University. From August 2013 she joined the Applied Radiation Physics Group andworked for one year to develop a dose monitor prototype for hadrontherapic treatments.




Alessandro Cicchetti NOW AT ISTITUTO NAZIONALE TUMORI (Mi) as Data Manager mail

Graduated in 2014 in Physics at Rome with a thesis on the test beam of a novel approach to produce protons with Laser-plasma acceleration of electrons and consequent photoproduction of hadrons.



Francesco Collamati NOW AT Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati mail 

I am a particle physicist, and I graduated in 2011 at Rome University “Sapienza”. I started to be interested in medical physics since my very first years. For my Thesis I took part at an experiment on a therapeutic Carbon Beam in Catania, on which data I performed an analysis in order to study the correlation between dose delivered to the target and beta+ emitters activation for dosimetric purposes. Between 2012 and 2015 I was a PhD Student in Physics, and for my thesis,  I studied a novel technique of radio guided surgery that uses beta minus emitters (instead of gammas), with strong improve in detecting resolution and dose limitation. My principal activity is with FLUKA Monte Carlo, in which I import Dicom files from patients scans (PET/CT) in order to study the behavior of our detector in a realistic environment. I am currently a post-doc in the same group.

 Winner of SPRINGER THESIS AWARD in 2015.


Andrea Russomando NOW AT Departamento de Fisica, Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Marıa, Valparaiso, Chile mail 

I studied particle physics at the University “La Sapienza” in Rome.I graduated with a thesis that is about the calibration of the CMS calorimeter at Cern. Now I am taking my Ph.D. in the CHIRONE experiment, finalized to the creation of an intraoperative beta- probe, an useful tool for surgeons in order to minimize the healthy tissue that is removed after the extraction of the tumor mass.


R. Donnarumma NOW AT Ospedale di Modena mail


Federico Miraglia NOW AT STRATHCLIDE UNIVERSTY as Ph.D. mail

 I am a particle physics student and I am oriented towards the medical physics field. Currently I’m writing a thesis about the reconstruction software of a dose profiler for hadrontherapy treatments.







Alessandra Pepe NOW AT GENERAL ELECTRICS (Stage) mail

I'm a biomedical engineering student at Roma University "Sapienza" and i graduated in 2010 in clinical engineering.
Currently, i'm working on my thesis on the possible use of the beta probe during radio-guided surgery on brain tumours, like meningiomas and gliomas.


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