Riccardo Mirabelli

I joined the ARPG group in March 2016 and I am currently working on the characterization of a prototype for the MONDO project, whose main goal is to develop a tracking detector targeting fast and ultra-fast secondary neutrons. The information obtained from my work will be used to design the final device.


Elisabetta Verdolino

I joined the ARPG group in March 2016. I am currently working on FOOT experiment (FragmentatiOn Of Target). This experiment aims for a precise determination of the contribution to the RBE  in proton treatments of the fragmentation induced by the primary beam that interacts with the patient body in the entrance channel.  My work in based on the study of the measurement of the production of fragments with very low energy, and very short range (few tens of microns) and also on the feasibility study of an approach based on the measurement of the inverse kinematic reaction and the discussion of the needed experimental resolution on the fragments four momentum.


Debora Giovagnoli

I joined the ARPG group in 2016. I am a graduating student working on the realization of a phoswich detector for the FOOT experiment. My work will be used to assess the feasibility of the implementation of such technology in FOOT, in order to fulfill the requirements on the precision of fragmentation cross sections needed for hadrontherapy applications.

Amedeo Capotosti

Paolo Fresch (technologist)

Daniele Carlotti

Claudio De Angelis



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