Lot of efforts have been spent in the past decade to produce ions with compact accelerators. In particular Laser Plasma Acceleration on solid targets are a good candidate for this. The achieved energy range, spread and angular dispersion of the outcoming particles is not yet satisfactory for applications. We have developed a new idea on how to produce protons with the energy of interest (several hundreds of MeV) with the current generation of lasers. It exploits the photo-production effect from electrons produced in Laser Wakefield Plasma Acceleration on gaseous targets.

Details in the working page.



Who: F. Bellini, R. Faccini, V. Patera, M. Senzacqua


Collaborators: C. Mancini-Terracciano (CERN), M. Petrarca (LNF)



[1] R. Faccini, Proposal of Laser Plasma Acceleration for Protons (LPAP), Nov 2013



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