These are different application notes and technical information related to F. Casper's lectures:



Agilent AN 57-2 the Y factor method

Agilent -noise figure


AN-GT101A-Microwave Power Amplifier Fundamentals 08-10-27

anritsu11410-00487 VNA perfomrance AN 2009

anritsuVNAprimer 2009

Decibels from Rohde Schwarz Darmstadt

EMC application note 2 Agilent

Fundamentals on RF noise figure measurements AN 57-1

gyrator overview from web

Keith_PerilsSpectrumAnalyzer averaging details 2009

Phase noise comparison note 2010

Praktische Tipps fur Funkamateuere


Review on S-parameters

Rohde and Schwarz pulsed signal meas note

RS0908-22VNAWhitePaperV2 on VNA calibration methods


Smith Chart color CAS Darmstadt 2009

Smith Chart PKG590 CAS Darmstadt 2009

S-parameters circuit analysis and design 1968


Tektronix primer on overlapping FFT signals 2009

X-application notes

Skyworks-Transtech AN on a gryrator implemtation

Smith Chart black/white

Smith Chart colour

VNA-AnalyzerTimeDomain uncertainty comparison


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