Master Degree in Electronics Engineering
Multidisciplinary Laboratory of Electronics I (A. A. 2020 - 2021)

Introduction to the course
Course description, program, recommended textbooks. Overview of measuring devices and techniques treated in the course. Bibliography and practical notes. (notes).
Vector Network Analyzer (VNA)
VNA introduction: block diagram. Generation section. Test and detecting section. Mixer and superheterodyne detector. Vector network analyzer: accuracy and calibration techniques. VNA calibration and uncertainty. VNA calibration: systematic errors. 6,8,12- parameters error models. Calibration techniques SOLT, TRL.

Notes on:
Network analyzer,
Group delay, electrical delay and phase offset,
Automatic measurements of Q,
Front panel of instruments.

Extra material:
1) Notes on fundamentals of VNA measurements and VNA architecture.
2) Notes on VNA measure accuracy.
3) Manual HP8753: "Measurement Calibration" (da 6-57 a 6-82) and "Optimising Measurement Results" (from 5-1 to 5-89).
4) AN Agilent on mobile network analyzer FieldFox; NEW
5) Information gathering on measurements with VNA (tesxt with links, web page); NEW
Spectrum Analyzer (SPA)
Spectrum analyzer introduction: main uses and block diagram, structure and functioning. Spectrum analyzer parameters. Non-linear systems parameters and their SPA measurements. VCO parameters and their SPA measurements. (notes on strucure and sui measurements parameters).

Extra material:
DANL for Spectrum Analyzer.
Fundamentals of Spectrum Analysis.
Uncertainty Theory
Uncertainty theory and uncertainty propagation. Linear fit and uncertainty (Notes on uncertainty and linear interpolation).
Transmission lines theory
Transmission lines, primary and secondary constants. Coaxial cable and transmission lines model. Attenuation, Impedance and Reflection Coefficient. Coaxial line closed on a load. (notes).

Extra material:
1) Demo on Freqeuncy use, trasnmission lines and mismatch.
2) Coaxial line parameters;
Scattering matrix theory
Scattering matrix definition and properties. Scattering matrix of simple components (notes, S matrix computation, coaxial cable, S matrix of lumped elements, Mathematica Notebook on Measurements on coaxial cables ).
Resonant cavities theory External characterization of resonant cavities, effect of perturbations of cavityís form, tuning of cavities and field measurements in resonant structures. Circuital models of measurements transmission and S21 of resonators (class presentation, field in cavity and overview of DUT ).

Extra material:
1) Lecture on RF basics.
2) Lecture on Power coupling in cavities.
3) Proof of Slaterís theorem.
4) Parameters of a cavity.
5) Notebook on cavity model;.
Time Domain Reflectometry theory Introduction to Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR). Principles of TDR. TDR with synthetic impulse. TDR main practical issues with synthetic impulse. Lab sessions comments. ( class presentation, notes for TDR with lumped elements).

Extra material:
1) AN Agilent on TDR introduction;
2) AN Agilent on TDR for microstrip measurements;
3) AN Agilent on TDR with network analyzer ; NEW
4) AN Rhode on TDR with network analyzer;
5) Notes on FFT fenestration;
6) Comparison between TDR with real impulse and with synthetic impulse.
7) Notes on time domain techniques.
9) Keysight Presentation on TDR and transmission lines; NEW
10) Keysight Presentation on TDR and mobile VNA; NEW
11) Agilent Presentation on TDR, S parameters and differential measurements; NEW
12) Gore Presentation on uncertainty on TDR measurements; NEW
13) AN Agilent on TDR measurements with FieldFox analyzer; NEW
Elementary signals theory
Square wave and its transform. Step-Recovery diodes. Modulated signals and their measure. (notes)
Field and Qloaded measurements with SPA
Narrow-band field measurements. (notes).

Routines Matlab
Useful Matlab command for measured data elaboration (notes).

Training Matlab for Sapienza students (MATLAB Academy)

Material on Matlab basic commands (prof.ssa A. Pascarella).

Routines list (zip file):
1) DataAquisition7;
2) FourierPlay;
3) LinearFit;
4) PlotFormattedData;
5) PlotSmithChart;
6) PlotSmithChartResistor;
6) ReflectionFitResonance;
7) regression3.
In addition, Routines are necessary for ReflectionFitResonance (to insert in Matlab path).
Practice 01
Measurements on coaxial cable
Calibration and calibration test. Transmission measurement of delay of the coaxial cable. Attenuation measurement of a coaxial cable. Reflection measurement of delay of the coaxial cable. (calibration, text).

Extra material:
1) Example of measurements: coaxial cable;
2) MATLAB routine for linear fit.
3) Observations on linearization;
4) Observations on interpolation.
Practice 02
Measurements on elementary signals
Introduction to spectrum analyzer measurements. Measure of a sinusoidal signal from a synthesizer. Signal spectrum visualization with elementary waveform (square wave, triangular wave etc.). Measure of an amplitude modulated signal with a sinusoidal signal (time domain visualization and frequency domain visualization; depth measure of modulation). (text).

Extra material:
1) material on spectrum analyzer and evaluation of measure uncertainty;
2) MATLAB routine for computing Fourier trasnform of known signlas;
3) Synthesizer manual.
Practice 03
Measurements on lumped elements
Impedance/admittance measurements with vector network analyzer both in transmission and in reflection. Measure of S parameters of lumped elements circuits. Characterization of elementary and real components (capacitors, inductors and resistors). (text).

Extra material:
1) MATLAB routine for linear fit;
2) MATLAB routine for using Smith chart.
3) Capacitor with parasites elements: MATLAB routine for Smith chart, example.
Practice 04
Measurements on two-port networks
Measure of band-pass filters. Measurements on T and power dividers. Characterization of directional couplers. Power sweep with vector network analyzer. Measurements on waveguide components in X band. (text).

Extra material:
1) Notes on directional couplers
2) Data sheet of amplifier minicircuits.
3) Amplifier parameters: Application Note.
Practice 05
Measurements on reflection resonators
Reflection characterization of RF cavities: measurements of resonance frequency, coupling factor and quality factor. Identification of cylindrical cavity modes. Characterization of dominant mode and higher-order modes. (text)

Extra material:
1) Routines for PNA data reading zip file;
2) Characterization of reflection cavities;
3) Examples of reflection measurements of cavities .
Practice 06
Measurements on transmission resonators
Characterization of transmission resonant cavities (pillbox, multiple-cell cavity and coaxial cavities). Cavity tuning. Field measurements on resonant structures. (text)

Practice 07
Measurements of Time Domain Reflectometry
Practical cases application of time domain measurements with VNA. Choice of device settings. Fault location measurements in coaxial structures. Characterization of microstrip. Gating functions. (text).

Extra material:
1) Measurements setting in TDR.
Practice 08
Measurements on complex signals
Spectrum measurement with uncertainty. Step recovery diode and frequency multiplication. Spectrum of a frequency modulated signal with and without overlapped amplitude modulation. Narrow-band EM field measurement. (text).

Open Lab

Advanced measurements on PNA and FieldFox.

Individual tests A.A. 2014-15

January 23, 2015, January 29-30, 2015,

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December, 2015. January 22, 2016, January 25, 2016, January 29, 2016, February 17-23, 2016,

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January 12, 2017, January 19-20, 2017, January 26-27, 2017, February 2, 2017. February 9, 2017.

Individual tests A.A. 2017-18

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